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Originally Posted by XCLR8TN View Post
So if I am reading this correctly, you could use the 899 exhaust on a 959 and vice versa with whichever link pipe mates to your mufflers?

Like if I wanted to run 1299 header pipes but mate them to my 899 termis... you would use the D155Y2 to do so? Where can one purchase just the link pipe?
That's the idea. I'm currently working on this project now. I have on order the 899 Termi Slip-On and the D155Y2 for my 959. If it goes as well as I think it will, the adapter will allow the slip-on to mount to the stock 959 header pipe.

The D155Y2 adapter is available from several ebay sellers. I ordered it for $150 shipped. Comes from Italy.

Technically, the D155Y/D155Y2 are made to mount the front exit D155102Cpt termis to the 899/959. But I'm hoping the rear exit 96480221A termis has the same inlet size and positioning so the adapter fits.

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