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  1. 959 Panigale Aftermarket Parts And Accessories
    Sup folks Has anyone tried a screen extender for motorway use on a stock 959 screen? Really cant be bothered with the faff of taking the front end apart to get the the bottom screws to get a new screen in there- but planning on taking this thing touring and such and ill be on faster roads for...
  2. New Member Ducati 959 WIP

    I will pull up the mod list i've put some TLC into it over the past 4 months of ownership and am almost satisfied with the look. It need a couple minor mods and it will be all set.
  3. New Members Introduction
    Hi there! New member here from Houston. Looking for a couple mods for the bike if anyone can help or direct me a certain way! Looking either for a used akra slip on or full exhaust and looking for a ducati 80s style black leather jacket!
  4. 959 Panigale Aftermarket Parts And Accessories
    I recently bought a 2019 959 from auction with minor damage. The one thing I am missing is the side fairings. Based on what I've seen I understand that some fairings from other models fit on the bike, but I tried on the fairings from my 1199 and they don't match. If someone can please help...
  5. 959 Panigale Problems, Defects, Issues And Recalls
    5500 miles on my 959. Have a coolant leak coming from the left side case.. looks to be coming through this tiny weep hole in the block. Anyone have the same issue with theirs?
1-5 of 5 Results