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located in OKC

Asking $15.5k but i'm realistic and i can remove the wheels, shock, forks (if i find someone to trade plus cash to me) spare bodywork and 1299 linkage and take money off.

2016 Ducati 959 Panigale
4xxx miles
Still has a year of warranty left

I can remove the suspension and wheels to lower the price. rearsets, clipons, brembo rcs and abs delete will stay on the bike since i don't have those stock parts and they're not worth enough for me to remove them and get oem parts.

Ohlins TTX shock. ( i have the stock one)
Ohlins 30mm fork cartridges (if you don't want them i can possibly find someone to trade me for stock and cash)
Oz Piegga wheels
Stock wheels and street tires
Abs has been deleted (way better feel)
Brembo rcs19 master cylinder
Superlegerra stripes on the side
Axle sliders
Woodcraft clipons (no stock clipons, these are better)
Woodcraft rearsets
Spare woodcraft bodywork painted
Gb racing clutch cover
Ducati 1199SL grips
Ducati 1299 adjustable linkage (have stock linkage)

I've done 7 track days with the bike all year and very little street riding, purchased new aug of 2016 and rode on the street before season was over last year.

It'll have supercorsa sp tires on it if you buy the oz wheels, Rosso corsa on stock wheels

Bike is currently at the dealer being serviced. Oil and filter have been changed with motul 300v at 600 miles, 2400 miles and 2 weeks ago with the same.

Bike is financed through Volkswagon so deal would be completed with a local bank.

reason for sale- building a 17 R6 track bike


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Here's one from the session my bike died in. Update on that, the dealer has ordered the new BBS computer and I should have it back soon. I'll have OZ wheels, Ohlins suspension and some other parts for sale and the bike will be up for sale as well. Im drinking the koolaid and getting a new R6

So what happened that made your 959 die?

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* bike is back from the dealer. the Rizoma resistors for the turn signals caused the bbs to get out of sync is what im being told. removed the resistors and it runs like a champ again.

$11,999 for the bike and the wheels are $1700 shipped.
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