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Up for sale is my 2018 Pani 959, in red, with a vinyl wrap. Can be easily removed if you want to return it to glorious red. Bike has never been dropped, tracked, raced or even ridden in the rain. Adult owned and garage kept.

The few mods I have done:

  • Throttle Spacer kit installed(removes throttle play)
  • SuperSprox super-lite steel rear sprocket +3 teeth
  • Sprint race air filter(cleanable)
  • BrenTune ECU flash kit w/tablet for clearing codes and reflashing ECU
  • DID Gold chain(+2 links to keep stock wheel base after sprocket change)
  • SpeedMetal billet bar end weights
  • Drain plug and filler cap safety wired
  • Reflective white rim tape
  • Pro-Grip tank pad
  • Tail Tidy with super bright LED blinkers(disconnects with 2 bolts and 1 plug for track day removal)
  • Exhaust valve disconnected, but you can pop the cable back on if you want, takes 2 min
  • Ducati Performance Comfort seat, as well as the stock unit

The bike comes with the BrenTune box and cables, which cost me $800 and is linked to the bike's VIN. It has the stock map in it, as well as the tuned map we made for it. The tuned map, added a good bit of power once we got it dialed in, I have attached the dyno chart from my tuner, same dyno, same operator, back to back runs of the stock map and the tuned map. Between that significant power increase and the +3 rear sprocket, this thing now rips.

I do have it listed on CycleTrader, so you can get more details there if you want, plus I am sure that they have financing tools and things like that. I can have the bike shipped on your dime if you need, or if you are in the southeast, I can probably load it into the back of the truck and meet you half way, depending on the distance.

Title is held by Ducati Financial, but if we strike a deal we can call Ducati together to work out the payoff and title transfer arrangements.

It also has 15 months left of the Factory Warranty left, and the first 600 mile service was performed by Mark Sutton at The Ducshop.

Happy to answer any questions you might have.

CycleTrader link: https://www.cycletrader.com/listing...9+PANIGALE-5006010504/?zmc=paa-active-listing


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Thanks! It's listed everywhere and not even a nibble. I will just see if it gets interest as spring comes and people are getting their tax returns, etc...
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