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2019 Constant Overheating

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I recently bought a 2019 Panigale and have been experiencing constant problems with the bike overheating. Most recently, I rode around the neighborhood(5mi max) after letting the bike sit and warm up for about 10min and was getting the "Hi" temp reading on the bike. Once I saw that I brought it back home where the bike proceeded to begin smoking a little. I couldn't exactly tell where it was coming from but saw that it seemed to be from under the seat. This isn't the first time the bike has read Hi or the smoking issue.

I have had this bike 1.5 years and had problems in the first month of riding with overheating. I personally have bled the coolant and replaced it. Still overheating. I have taken for repairs twice where he fixed an oil leak and the radiator hose. Got the bike back and on the same day(65F), and had a HI temp read after a 25min ride on interstate(avg 85-90mph). Took it back to the shop, he fixed a bad water pump caused by a broken gear. 3mo later I started having the Hi read temps and smoking again.

I am kinda at that point where I am going to just strip it down, but would like some direction or area to start in. Any and all suggestions welcome.
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I would look at the thermostat valve first, It's number 19 in the parts catalog and Ducati calls it a "squirter unit".
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Thank you, Forewarned! I will look into it.
Hi mate have you had the head gasket checked ?
Hi mate have you had the head gasket checked ?
The second time I took it to the shop I asked for him to completely look over bike. I was told the overheating was from a bad gear that caused the water pump to fail. SO, I can't say for sure if the head gasket was checked, but I will add that to the list. I appreciate the input.
Wouldn’t be surprised if your plastic water pump gear that disintegrated the first time has clogged the coolant circuit or the replacement gears disintegrated a second time. The chronic overheating is a tell-tale sign.

I replaced mine with steel gears that WorldSBK bikes use.

I would also guess water pump gear. Replace with metal this time. Be sure to remove the oil pan and get the plastic out of the oil pick up screen.

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I had a similar problem a while back and it turned out to be a leak in the radiator.
IMO get it checked out as this could potentially lead to significant engine damage
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