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Kenan Sofuoglu, the Turkish World Supersport star, who mind you, has already taken the Kawasaki Ninja H2R to 391km/h recently, is going to attempt to hit the 400km/h mark. Oh and that should happen in 30 seconds as well.

The attempt to hit the unicorn number of 400km/h shall be done in Turkey, on the Ozman Gazi bridge. Known as the fourth longest suspension bridge in the world, and that's also with full backing from the Turkish President.

He will of course be riding the Kawasaki Ninja H2R but some changes will need to be made. A huge concern will be tire temperature. For that, Pirelli has come up with a specially-formulated compound for this specific run.

Elf, the petroleum giant, will be supplying a race-grade fuel that should bump up the power of the H2R thus increasing the top-speed as well. That and some aerodynamic modifications as well as weight saving enhancements will be added to the bike to make it more competitive, but still in it's production class.

Of course he will also be getting some seriously upgraded gear to provide drag reduction but also provide uncompromising protection.

This should be interesting...

What are you're thoughts on this and do you think he'll be able to hit it in the 30 seconds ?

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