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Thanks to Cycleworld we have a few preliminary engine specs available to us...

Ok so what CW is saying is that the 959 panigale motor is a 'hybrid' of sorts. Not hybrid like gas-electric, but hybrid in the sense that the new Twin is the product of mating the 899's 100mm bore to the 60.8mm stroke of big brother 1299 which nets a 955cc displacement.

They claim HP gains will be minuscule BUT there should be massive gains in TQ.

Because the 959's 60.8mm stroke was lifted from the 1299, it will also use the same 110.1mm length conrods which they claim could promote higher secondary imbalances then the 899 (the shorter the conrod in relation to stroke, the more this imbalance is felt)

For now that's all we know... officially...
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