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959 Fuse popping

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Hi all

Got stuck on the side of the road on the weekend. Bike was popping the 20 Fuse - Injector. Wondering if anyone else has had that issue.

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What was the fix? Or did it go back to dealer. Usually injector fuse is engine computer, in cars.
No idea. Haven't received feedback from dealership yet. Bet you right though. Getting a little concerned with the 959 now. First the swing arm issue with the chain rubbing against it and now this. Bike has 2470km on it and 2 months old. New model teething problems?
Replaced the injector Relay and seems to be good now. Will see over the next couple of days if it is resolved. Got some spare fuses too... :)
I'd bet that's a carry over part# from other models. Here's to hoping it's a one-off bad part.

Glad you're back riding with minimal delay!
Thanks for posting, BorisKonjar. Good info to have.
Spent the day at the track on Sunday. Bike was good. 2 thumbs up.
sorry for jumping your thread, i have the exact same problem and was wondering where this injector relay is located??
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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