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As per the old saying: "There are two types of riders, those that have dropped their bike and those that will".
Putting a Ducati spin on the above: "There are two types of Panigale riders, those that have broken their OEM mirrors and those that will".
If you are still riding with your OEM mirrors and haven't broken one yet, be patient.
I'm actually surprised mine lasted more than two seasons but it was bound to happen.

Many members on this and other forums have rightly replaced their OEM mirrors with Block-Off's. Thus, we occasionally see used OEM's come up for sale in forums for about $100~$150 per pair plus shipping or on Ebay but at a higher cost. These are always good Genuine OEM options. However they, more often than not, are usually unavailable when you need them. Price here is not the primary issue. Availability and minimizing riding down time is.

Consequently, here's my list of readily available "New" mirror options although not all encompassing. Price "per pair" from "most to least" in USD are approximates.

1- Genuine Ducati New OEM $500 per pair (no comments on price but you're not likely in need of both at once)
2- Risoma Veloce L Sport $402 per pair
3- Moto-Science $295 per pair
4- Lucifer black LED mirrors for Ducati Panigale $149 per pair
5- Mirror block-offs $120 per pair plus the cost of one or two bar-end mirrors
6- After-market OEM Clones $90~$120 per pair

Today's review will focus on #6 After-Market OEM Clones.
Let's face it, Genuine Ducati Panigale OEM mirrors are crap. They're fragile and vibrate more than a sex toy.
Therefore, there's a good chance these after-market jobs can't be much worse.

Here goes:
I just received the pair and my first impression upon un-boxing is that they're well packaged individually with bubble wrap, boxed and re-boxed. Comparing the product's quality visually seems just as crappy as the OEM's maybe even less so. Ugh? What?

Although the mirror housing shell is not quite as smooth as the OEM's, the knock-off stems are nicer. They're marginally grey compared with the mirror housing and gives the impression that they are made from a different material. It's a nice aesthetic touch but means you may have to replace both if you're just as OCD as I am. If not, that can of flat black paint that we all have in our garages will deal with it, pronto.
If they are of a different plastic composite material, I was hoping they could absorb more vibration than the OEM's. On that note after testing... Not. Same if not marginally worse. The LED turn signals are very similar in color and brightness as the OEM's. Fitment was the same as OEM"s.

These OEM Clones can be good insurance for the price against down-time if you want to keep the factory look of the bike. If not, having a set of NRC Block-Off's are the next cheapest alternative to have on hand, especially if you go to the track.

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Thanks for sharing your honest review, sir. One of my morrors has got a crack, and seems like the previous owner could live with that... Yet it irritates me a lot! I will see if that's possible to replace the mirror glass only, and if no, I will be replacing both mirrors...

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The mirrors on my Panigale have both snapped and attempts to repair them have not been successful. The plastic is extremely brittle and cannot withstand the weight of my R&G racing cover. Surely it is possible to find replacement aluminium stalks?
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