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Every rider should have a pair of riding pants in their closet. Whether your riding a Panigale, Adv bike, Cruiser or even a Scooter, you should have a pair. Any type of riding pants is better than normal jeans or heaven forbid, cut-offs and flip-flops.

Although this thread is about all types of riding trousers, I'm starting things off with leathers but it would be interesting and beneficial to read further comments about textile gear going forward. More specifically, I'm initially focusing on a cursory comparison between Street vs Track pants.

We ride a Panigale but does that imply that we should buy racing pants? Obviously not! The trousers purchased should be contingent on the riding that we do as opposed to the bike that we own.

IMO, these are some of the Pro's and Con's we should consider when purchasing our first pair of leather trousers:

Street Pants are more comfortable & versatile. Highlights include:
+ Flexibility to add various types of undergarments
+ Some may come with a removable water-proof liner
+ Longer and can accommodate various types of riding shoes and boots
+ High rear waist construction provides greater overlap coverage
+ Pockets (you know those slits you put stuff in)
+ More adjustability: waist straps & zippers
+ More visibility with various reflectors
+ More ventilation features, some even have hybrid mesh
+ Lighter than track pants
+ Badass yet sporty when combined with your favorite race jacket

Track Pants are built to offer the ultimate protection.
+ Better and upgradeable armor
+ Removable and replaceable knee pucks
+ Extreme race look
+/- Very tight (good for the track but not for a long distance riding)

Track Pants also come with a few specific negatives:
- Short length require track boots unless you're trying to start a distinctive fashion statement
- Break-in period can be long
- Generally must be worn with a base layer for comfort

All this to say that if you're not a regular track rider, Street leathers should be your first option. Keep in mind that you can still use your Street leather pants for an occasional track day as long as you can zip those together with your favorite race jacket. Just don't drag your knees. You can always buy a pair of track pants later.

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Good write-up. What make and model pants do you Rep?
I was deliberately conscious to keep branding out of my write-up. Some pants may have more attractive features than others however, if I already owned a favorite leather race sport jacket, I would select a pair of trousers from that same company in order for the zipper to be compatible with the jacket. The big three offer at least one model of leather street trousers to choose from in addition to a plethora of track pants. For example:


JAGG leather pants | Alpinestars
JAGG Airflow leather pants | Alpinestars


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While the previous posts above were all about leather pants, this one is about my recent acquisition in textile for hot weather riding.
The Alpinestars Ramjet Air Pants
As far as I know, these are the only textile pants truly tailored for a sportbike rider. These are not your uncle Bob's baggy pants.

Here's my quick review:

+ Looks
+ Comfort ( multi stretch panels)
+ Material
+ Quality
+ Super light weight
+ Airflow
+ Versatility (adjustable airflow panel)
+ locking zippers
+ 360 zipper ( ith the matching top piece should you want to match it with a non Alpinstars jacket)
+ CE soft vented honeycomb level 2 knee armor
+ Hip pads included
+ Price

+ / - Fit
The waist and tush area are a perfect fit and true to size. However, the only gripe I would have is length.
I would not recommend these for anyone that's shorter than 5'8" (unless they have a long inseam).
Although the knee armor has two positions, the shorter riders may find the armor hangs low below the knees when off the bike.


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The Alpinestars Ramjet Air Pants
As far as I know, these are the only textile pants truly tailored for a sportbike rider. These are not your uncle Bob's baggy pants.
I'd say that Dainese in general are more fitted textile pants. They are some of the slimmest fitting pants. The ones that I have look great. Definitely not baggy.

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