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Hello friends,
my journey started off with a 1985 GPZ 750R with rusty end cans in the early nineties, not counting dirt bikes and the like.
Went through a fair number of sporty japanese inline fours until I started to find booming twins curiously interesting.
Not to stray away too far, my first twin was a Honda VTR SP-1 which I loved! Too bad someone else also loved it, because it was stolen. With new dual Arrows, PC5 and recent valve service no less.
I still maintained my heritage with the jap fours doing national road racing, sprint and endurance, for about ten years.
Currently I have an old Aprilia RSV Mille R, an even older Honda XLR with knobbly tires and the -18 959 Corse.

I picked up the Ducati (my first) last week and there's been rain, snow and 5°C (~40°F) ever since.
The good thing is that I've got to experience how ABS and TC works. Never had a bike with these gadgets before.
Apparently the electronics have a thing against the front getting high.
Despite my old age I really enjoy some wheelie antics. I'll play around with the settings to sort that out when the snow and gravel is gone.

I've noticed the crazy "upgrade" trend that must be the most pronounced among the motorcycling community.
While snearing a little, I found myself oogling quite a few ads for "upgrades".
Ooh - this is shiny!
So far I've only changed the bulbs to the LED variety and added some rim stickers, but there's so much out there!
My euro-4 compliant bike is way too muffled, it can't breathe and the side mounted pea shooters are not very pretty, so that's what's up next. The price of Termi's is ridiculous at best. Arrow units are manageable.
An other way to go is clearing out the junk from the collector box under the engine. We'll see.
I don't know if it's the master or the ABS that makes the front brake feel mushy, but that has to be sorted. I've used ISR brake components before and really like the feel they provide. An ISR MC might be on its way.
After that I think I'm good. Can't see the benefit from those see-through clutch covers, pillion blankers or carbon foot guards.

That's me, I'm basic.

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Welcome aboard, RRacer.

I think you’ll find the bike’s pretty well sorted out of the crate.

Hope you enjoy the forum.
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