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So after an agonising wait (and a second test, ****ing British laws) I have my new 959 in red.

No one tells you how much more good looking and precious it becomes because it has your name on.

I bought the bike with a DP oversized racing tinted screen and a seat cowl, and it just transforms the bike. It looks truly awesome with little details like that. Coming off a Suzuki sv650s I was a bit wary about the power hike, but until you reach 7000 onwards it's just as friendly. However, once you pass it, it's a whole new world of smiles and adrenaline! I bought this bike last Tuesday and due to being in the forces, I have been posted over to Germany, so a fitting time to run in and test the comfort! I found the comfort to be alright actually, the clip Ons were more of an issue than the seat softness, but I'm only 5'6 (and a half) so most bikes are bigger.

Now that exhaust.
Firstly, it sounds good. Not fantastic, but not really different to the 899. It's just some of the rattle sounds from the engine itself are dulled marginally. Again, once the bike is "singing" it just sounds ace. That's not to say I won't be replacing it, I'm looking at the SC slip on I posted a few months back. I'm on goodies ban from the wife though, moving is expensive.
Thanks for posting. I pick mine up on Friday. I too purchased the rear cowl and may get the taller wind screen. My dealer told me that the stock one is taller than on previous models so I'm going to wait until I take delivery to decide on replacing that. The exhaust is the one big item I'm worried about. I couldn't get myself to shell out the big $$ for the Akropovic slip-ons out of the gate, so I'm hoping something else reasonable comes available soon. Or at least a 959 map for the 1299 systems. They say the sound with the stock cans is quite robust, but I don't think it will be what I'm looking for. I will soon find out.
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