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So I picked up a 2016 959. The bike came with after market plastics on it. They are a tri-color.

The bike came with most of the stock fairings with the exception of the front fairing and the bottom left fairing. I was doing some maintenance today. Oil change, coolant, etc.

I took the left lower fairing, right lower fairing, and upper right fairing. These plastics must be made of fiberglass. They were so brittle that when I was taking off the bottom left and broke a tab. I mean I just looked at this thing wrong and it broke. I grabbed some of the stock fairings out of the storage bin to compare. The OEM fairings seem to be made of plastic. They have a good amount of flexibility. The aftermarket fairings that are on the bike seem to be fiber glass and feel brittle.

Well, now I need to see if I can get these back together or not. I would just put the stock ones on except I am missing the lower left. Going to troll the local ads for red fairings.

Anyone else have experience similar to this with the stock or aftermarket fairings?
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