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Drop forged aluminum and made to fit Ducati, Aprillia and Triumph's factory wheels, along with many high-end aftermarket wheels. Many MotoGP, WSBK, Moto2 teams use these valve stems.

Generally race teams like to run a different color valve stem than the wheel so that they can easily spot the valve stem.

They are made in Italy and unlike the knock-off that are sold which are CNC machined, these are drop forged aluminum. This ensures that the valve body has the required strength to withstand the centrifugal forces it is subjected to.

They also come with a Schrader branded valve core, which rest assures you that you will not have any valve core failures, because remember so much is riding on your tires!

These valves simply look great. They add a lot of function and form to your bike!

What they do?

-Easier to check and change pressures of the tires (specially on the front)
-Lighter than rubber stems - they weigh in at 12 grams each
-They are reusable, no need to replace them like rubber valves with each tire change
-Fixed to the wheel with a locking nut, can't bend, or be expelled from the wheel
-The angled quill reduces the effect of centrifugal force, which tends to fling the valve core outwards in a conventional valve, leading to loss of pressure in tires.


You will need to remove the tire to install these. Good idea to put them away to have them ready for your next tire change.

How much?

$24.25 for a pair of two with Fast and Free Shipping within USA.
Affordable and quick shipping rates to international destinations.

How to purchase?

Directly from our website www.motomillion.com


Aftermarket Wheel Brands using 8.3mm Sized Valve Stems : Antera, Brembo, BST, Carrozzeria, Marchesini, Marvic and OZ Racing.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
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