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Just purchased a dropped 959 from USA, will arrive about 6 weeks from now.
Sold my 1098 & 750 to buy it so really looking forward to getting it.
Trying to find fairing parts cheaper than OEM but because the 959 is such a new bike there dosn't seem to be anything out there.
Look forward to involving myself in the Forum.
Welcome and congrats on the bike.

A great site to consider is
Ihr Spezialist für original Motorrad Ersatzteile - KFM-Motorräder

For example, they sell a new red frame cover which retails for $305 for $205 USD. It is 50 EUR for shipping, but if you are looking to replace a lot of parts and upgrade some existing ones, you can save a bundle. They also sell the DP rearsets for around $500 less than what you would find from many US vendors.
48212151AA Ducati Seitendeckel, Links Rot genuine new - KFM-Motorräder

Use the spare parts catalog from the Ducati website and plug in what you need.

I picked up a $350 BMW rear cowl cover for $180 and the Motorad sport 2 jacket for $300 less than the local BMW dealer.
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