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TWM by Motocoach Carbon Fiber Brake Cooling Ducts for Ducati Panigale 959 / 899 / 1199 / 1299

Straight out of worlds top level race bikes. Hand made in Germany by Motocoach, these carbon fiber brake cooling ducts have been used by Didier Grams in Macau GP since 2016, and verified to reduce caliper temperatures by 60-70°F (15-20°C).

What does cooler caliper temperature mean? More consistent braking lap over lap since it prevents expansion of the brake fluid and the calipers, furthermore it extends the life of the calipers since the lower temperatures also prevent brake dust to firmly burn onto the caliper pistons.

Uses laser cut heavy duty spring steel mounting points which only measure 1mm in thickness. This ensures very simple and quick installation.

Also available with Proti Fully Forged Titanium front caliper bolts to further reduce the weight and also add that subtle touch to make your Panigale stand out from others.

How much?
- TWM by Motocoach Carbon Fiber Brake Ducts are $299.95 USD
- Free shipping to USA!
- Fast and affordable international shipping options are available.

How long till I receive my product?
- Only 1-3 Business days! (in USA)
- Only 3-5 Business days! (in Canada)
- International delivery varies by location. Usually no more than 10 days.

How do I purchase?
- Order directly from our website https://www.motomillion.com/collect...-cooling-ducts-for-panigale-899-959-1199-1299

Will it work with my 959?
- Fits all Ducati Panigale models, including 959, 899, 1199, 1199S, 1199R, 1299, 1299S, 1299R, Anniverssario and Superleggera



If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask or contact us directly.



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