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Competition Werkes Accessories for the 959

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I think this is newly available for the 959 as another option:


Competition Werkes Integrated Tail Light/Turn Signal: 1299 / 1199 / 899 / 959 : Clear

There's also a smoked version and a tidy tail for the plates by them too.

Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator

Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator

Youtube video of it:



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Anyone know if the taillights are all the same? I called CompWerkes and lady told me the integrated lights are not out yet for the 959. If the tail lights are the same for all 4 models I would like to order red color version.

No, do not order any of them - they will not fit Directly on the 959 - you Will Have to make modifications to the bike. Here is part of a confidential email from an employee at CW...

On Jun 10, 2016, at 10:25 AM, xxxxx <[email protected]> wrote:

Hey Dean - ... Well, we failed with the fender kit. :( It was not a good fitment, so for sure we will be designing a new kit. As far as the taillight - we haven't fit it yet either! We have a couple new bikes in our shop right now and I believe the 959 is very close on the list to arrive, so keep hanging in there! :) Sorry I don't have any better news for you.

@Sarvic @959Admin - please delete the links in the OP - OP inadvertently provided misinformation to users as those parts will not fit the 2016 959 Panigale
@Dingo - Not going to lie, I'm a bit excited by your revelations, Dean! Judging by CW's plans to add a 959 to their collection and design a new kit, we may be in for a bit of a surprise. I already have the NRC kit in-box ready for install, but I'm sure the folks at CW aren't keeping a quiet ear to this... they must know of this fairly-new, competing product that's hit the block. Whether they end up doing something about it is another story. If they can work on their LED quality and brightness as well as their light spread consistency, then they have a great gem on their hands... even better if they're able to implement a license plate LED while they're at it. The NRC kit has so far proven to be the juggernaut of the fender eliminator kits out for the 959, but there's no question that the lack thereof a flushed, seamless design in both ends and a shoddy application method (through a not-so-timeless-nor-durable double-sided tape technique) result in shortcoming negligences.
@Sina - I've been waiting since March for CW to complete this project for the 959 - it's definitely going to be worth the wait, IMO :grin2:
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I actually already have the fender eliminator kit on my bike, my dealer installed it when I bought the bike in February
I actually already have the fender eliminator kit on my bike, my dealer installed it when I bought the bike in February
I should've clarified that it's the tail light I was referring to...
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