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Good Day everyone:

I made a previous post about the Scorpio alarms that where on sale. I guess they had some orders from the post and even though the sale was over they did offer the sale price. Scorpio then contacted me about everything and has offered coupon codes on the Ducati alarms until the 28th for the forum members. So here is the link for that. I am glad that my in jest comment about them probably offering the sale price actually worked out. P.s. I did inquire about the gps cellular price per month and I do believe it was around $11 a month, don't quote me on that though.

https://ridescorpio.com/scorpio-ducati-kits/ - this is a direct link to the Ducati page of our website

Coupon Codes
“959srx50” – gives $50 off and free shipping when purchasing SRX-900, SRX-900-DUC(Ducati kit), SRX-900-DUC-SBK(Ducati Panigale Kit)
“959core100” – gives $100 off and free shipping when purchasing Ride Core-S


If you or anyone has questions about this kit or coupons please let me know.
Hit us up at [email protected]
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