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Crazy idea for a phone or something else?...

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I've been thinking about where to put my phone on my 959 and a crazy idea came to me. Has anyone ever tried to utilize the space to the right or left of the dash? To visualize this, I think a picture is worth 1,000 words. So, I included 3,000 words worth of pictures. It seems like it could possibly work. Currently it seems like wasted space that should be utilized.

On the picture that I attached, I placed a powerpak which is about 1" shorter than my phone and 1/2" less wide than my phone to the left side of the dash. If I could get a solid way to mount my phone in there then it might be a convenient place to put it? And I should be able to glance over and see it I'd think, right? Of course I'd need to make sure that it was mounted solidly. Thoughts?

If it wouldn't work for a phone mount then what about putting a small bag in there? A simple idea would to line velcro horizontally and vertically, line the 2 sides of the bag with the other side of the velcro and it should stay in place. Would probably be enough for a water bottle, some emergency supplies, and snacks? I'm curious if anyone has tried anything like this before.


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I might have to try and work on this idea. I have an iPhone 6S so it might be tough but would be a great location.
I haven't tried this out yet. I purchased the Adaptiv Mount by Adaptiv Technologies:

I'm going to use that for my phone.

I still need to figure out a good mounting place for my gopro. I have a gopro suction cup. But I'm a little paranoid to use it. I am curious if a handlebar mount would work on the left clip. I'm wondering if it could get out to the side enough with an extension? But then it might be problematic having a camera on them when they're moving back and forth. There's gotta be a really smart way to mount it that someone will figure out. Could it be clipped on to the mirror or the side of the windshield or something?

Let me know what you come up with for the area that I was talking about. One tricky thing there is that you definitely wouldn't want to drill a hole into the fairing. For those who mount a radar detector or jammer it seems like the perfect place to put it.
You can try checking the GoPro forums and see what motorcycle enthusiast have posted their about how they go about this. You can probably even get idea not yet or not typically done since you'll be exposed to the entire marketplace.
I would recommend using a smartwatch to attach to your phone in your pocket. No risk of damaging the phone and I don't like to be distracted by my phone while riding. Just my 2 cents :)
I think Go Pro has a handlebar mount for motorcycles but it could block part of your dash.
I've been thinking about where to put my phone on my 959
That's a issue of interest where I was looking for a flush (ish) mounted system for my Sea-Doos. I have used the following pieces from Ram Mount in a variety of applications where a conventional Ram ball is not suitable. One caveat is that it requires a push-down and twist (about 30~40 degrees). Perhaps this would work. I'll also look into this in details when I pick-up my ride.

RAM EZ-ON/OFF™ Quick Release Diamond Adapter Base (female)
RAM EZ-ON/OFF? Quick Release Diamond Adapter Base Unpackaged - RAP-274-1BU | RAM Mounts

RAM Mount Diamond EZ ON OFF Pin Connector RAP-274-1B3 (male)
RAM Mount Diamond EZ ON OFF Pin Connector RAP-274-1B3
Last year I resolved this issue, Bluetooth smartwatch (to switch music) and Bluetooth helmet (to answer calls and hear music). If you want the GPS Nav feature from your phone, a tank bag with a clear cover works perfect so far for me.
I haven't tried this out yet. I purchased the Adaptiv Mount by Adaptiv Technologies:
Amazon.com: Adaptiv D-01-16 AdaptivMount Type D Sport Bike Mount: Automotive
does that for sure work on the 959??
does that for sure work on the 959??
Yes. I have it on now.
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