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Hello everyone,

This is my venture back into 2 wheels after a little break playing Racing Driver for a few years.
Picked it up last weekend for a good price $16500AUD which I consider a bargain :D
1440km first service done and it was as well as could be looked after I guess for pretty much a new bike.

things that I will address ;

the rizoma tail tidy (the LED indicators are awfully dull) overall I don't find I'm a fan - looking at the OMR performance
The sidi sticker on the side
Chain tension a little tight
Full glass coat detail from Cleanride in Perth
The sloppy throttle especially for rev matching on down shift 0:)>:)
Setting the suspension up for my weight/preferences
Heat around the bottom as everyone is aware
Second time starting it I had a cold start issue 馃槼 - rapid bike evo

What I have already ordered ;
Panigale spacers
Twm shorty evers (moto million)
Twm handbrake gaurd (moto million)
Mikatek tank sliders (moto million)
DP seat cowl
OMR performance tail tidy

What I would like in future;
Li ion battery
Carbon hugger
Carbon heat shield
Ohlins steering dampner
Rapid bike Evo
Headlight upgrade
Marchesini forged wheels (not into CF wheels)
Dark screen
Dukabike clear clutch cover

First impressions of the bike, it's very easy to ride under normal conditions, as long as it's up around 4k > that where it is most settled.
I began putting around and short shifting with the quick shifter under 4k I thought it was pretty good but once over 6 it's really buttery smooth and amazing.
The bikes clearly Italian, it's special to ride, gets attention, sounds like nashing metal and like its about to rattle itself apart but once up high it makes sense and becomes a beautiful symphony of 2 wheeled perfection.
Heat is clearly an issue especially for me in Perth Australia, being 5ft 8" and all 60kgs of me my butt and legs are pretty thin skinned! So this is one thing I will attend to, not unbearably uncomfortable but distracting on a ride none the less.
I'm just really looking forward to getting out and about and getting back amongst it riding once agian.


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