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Hello. I'm starting to pay more attention to the perceived limitations of the stock, progressive linkage as it pertains to handling for aggressive street riding, never passengers. I'm using a DU361 Ohlins TTX GP shock 7.0nm spring and C5R3 valving which is all spot-on for my type of riding and weight at 130lbs no gear. The issue is that I ride on less than perfect pavement most of the time. Obviously, I enjoy the 'plush' feeling of the progressive linkage, but 'plush' allows comes with some 'wallowing" and "packing" which is undesirable. It's not horrible and by no means the end of the world if it never gets any better. I just wonder if I could improve it, if even only slightly. Of course, I could get the 1199/1299 'flat' linkage, but I wonder if I'd be sacrificing too much of the 'plushness' on the bumpy roads and that the advantage of having full-out linear linkage and better handling wouldn't be outweighed by the overall decrease of plushness (that's somewhat necessary for where I ride). Herein lies my question, Ducabike is producing the BSP01 rear linkage with a 'medium' setting which I'm guessing is smack dab in the middle of the stock, either/or, 'flat' and 'progressive' settings. Has anyone had experience with this 'medium' setting or know someone who has? Sounds like it's the best of both worlds in my case. I get to have a more (although not full-out) linear feel (less wallowing and packing) without totally sacrificing the plushness of a somewhat progressive linkage that I need on less-than-perfect pavement. Thoughts?
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