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Located in sunny south Florida

Been riding legally on the road for 2 years, started out with a honda cb200t, then a hand me down 600rr from my father.
Have been riding with my father for the better part of 10 years.

Never imagined myself owning a ducati, especially at such a young age at the time.

I was in the market for an 2017+r6 with the refresh, nothing looked like it, nothing had impressed me as much.
Recently getting into an accident with the CB, leaving it 'totaled' by the insurance company (ended up rebuilding it a couple months later, kept a clean title from insurance as part of settlement.)

I had one goal in mind; New bike

Went window shopping for two three months, trying to get a deal on an r6, each dealership showed me everything they had.
Nothing for the price I wanted, 12'000 before taxes title and tag, I couldn't justify it.
Walked into the ducati dealership seeing they have not one but THREE pre owned r6's (all got traded in for the V4 hahaha)
Test drove one and **** me it was amazing.
Out the door it caught my eye; the 959

Never wanted something so bad.
At the age of 22 the r6 was already going to be a financial headache.
Did I really want to settle for another used 600 super sport?
My father and girlfriend told me I wasn't ready for a liter bike, I agreed.

Worst part about it was that I was getting better insurance quotes for the 1199!
No matter how much cash I put down at the dealership what was screwing me was the insurance premiums for a financed bike at my age.

Couple days later, i couldn't help but at least test driving one.

I walked into ducati pompano, and what turned out being a casual day, after finishing my calculus 3 exam, was the day i put a deposit on a 959.

Scooped myself a one owner (60yr old man who traded in the 959 for a V4), 20XX mile 2016 959.

A lovely 5 months with it so far, and have put down more miles than the original owner in three years in 4 months!

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Riding with your dad has got to be cool. You'll love the 959.
What does your dad ride?
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