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Dunlop GP-A Pro or other race tires/slicks

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Good Day,

Not a whole lot of discussion on race tires...

Is anyone running the 190/60 GP-A Pro or any other race tires that are in either 190/60 or 200/60? Judging by what Ducati advertises in their [DTC settings section] of the manual, seems like the bike will be fine as long as it is in "DTC 1" setting. Just looking for first hand experience and validation from folks that actually ran 190/60 or 200/60 on the track as well as what DTC setting they used. Thank you.
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I'm a huge fan of the Michelin power cup Evo on my zx6r that's setup for racing. I put Pirelli Sp supercorsa on my 959 when I took it to the track and they were awesome. Last year I ran the Dunlop d212gp and the Michelin is better for me. The gpa needs lots of heat and it's a very stiff tire. I know a guy who runs 190/55 power cup evos on his 899 without any problems btw. He's an instructor for STT
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