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hi Guys,

This is the biggest Question i have. firstly i dread the shotgun exhaust and wanted to change it.. all the slipons and full systems are super expensive so i did some research and got to know we can swap the Shotguns and CAT Con with the US version underbelly system by changing the mid Y pipe

i have all the parts for the mod ( got a good deal on them so picked them up>:))
1. 1299 US version underbelly OEM exhaust
2. US version Fairings for 959
3. Y mid pipe from the US version
4. Just in case need a servo eliminator got the Healtech ESE for the 959 aswell

One issue that i have noticed
1. Engine check light comes up because of the servo eliminator removal

i have a few questions that i need some help with:
1. Are there any alternatives to not use servo eliminator like attach a spring or something
i asked this coz my bikes run 2.5k kms only its new and i dont want to void the 2 year warranty applicable
i have the servo cable from the us version 959 will that fit ?

2. Would there be any loss of power ? or any issues with running lean etc.? it still has a CAT con but im not sure if the Maps are different for US and Euro versions
if you compare the US site it shows power 158 HP ( 116.2KW) @ 10750 rpm) and torque 77.9 LB-ft (105.6 NM) @9000rpm
and Euro version shows power 115.5 KW (157 HP) @ 10,500rpm and torque 107.4 NM (79.2 LB-FT) @ 9000rpm

this is a small different but is it enough to coz some problems in the long run ?

Please let me know. i have a visit to the dealership here on 5th June to get the swap done want to be a little comfortable to make the decision...

Thank you very much


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