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Over and above the actual purchase and insurance what other products have you purchased to add bling or performance to your 959?
To start the ball rolling here is my list so far:
Front axle sliders
R and G crash bobbins
2 x radiator guards
CNC metal (red) reservoirs for brakes and clutch
Paint protection

Total for the above would be about $900US
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Does it have to "bling" the motorcycle or can it be items used to blind myself ahah
Good list of options CBR_PC Lot's of aftermarket company's makes those parts. I suggest the best fit and look of them all.... DP (Ducati Performance)! Can't wait to see the pics...
The current list of after market add on's:

Werks fender eliminator - that whale penis had to go and I wanted a smooth rear end with no blinker stalks
Rear Sets - only way to get GP shift, the DP shifter is $300+ bones for that I might as well get some adjustable sets that also provide the GP config
Front and rear Motovation USA fork and swing arm sliders. I have them on my Apes and love the way they look and work.
Sato paddock stand bobbins


Race skins
Suspension work. Swap out the Saches rear for a TTX, swap the fork internals for the Ohlins 30MM and replace the dampner

then some exhaust.
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My extras so far. Plus I had my suspension tuned which makes a much better bike.
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I love the red reservoir covers. I'm debating which color to get. I also like black. And I'm trying to hold off on spending more $$. But it's soooo easy to do. :)

Are all the sliders R&G? Do you have them on the rear wheel also? I'm thinking about getting the T-Rex ones. But I'm not sure about the clutch protector. I may want to switch out for the Dukabike clear clutch cover. If I do that, I definitely won't want anything over it. Was that slider near the clutch cover easy to install? And how much did each of the sliders cost if you don't mind sharing?
I have the rear brake reservoir and the rear axle sliders ( not sure if they are R and G as they came from DesignCorse in UK) coming from England. Should be here any day now. Also I bought a new rear paddock stand and the cotton reel s/arm spindles locally to go with it. It also has the 3M paint protection on it which was done before I picked the bike up from the dealer.
Today I had the suspension tuned by a guy who really knows his stuff. Liam Venter who runs Fast Bike Gear in Auckland.
What a big difference. The bike is so nice over the rough stuff now. No more bucking bronco. The nice thing is he did it for nix. :). I have bought a lot of stuff off him though.
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