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Beware when shopping for protective wear as there's a plethora of fake / bootleg leather gear out there. Anything from Pakistan should be viewed with caution. Same goes for Ali-Express / Alibaba. Buy from a reputable dealer. I'm writing from experience. My first pair of Taichi short gloves were purchased from my dealer. Awesome gloves. Paid aprox $120 for them a few years ago. Last summer, I viewed the "same model & number" pair on Ali-Express for aprox $40 which I purchased. What a joke. I donated my gloves to my dealer/distributor.

The following is what I wrote to the vendor:

Dear Sir,
I have a pair of Real Taichi RST410 (Size M) and the ones sent are fake.

Real Taichi RST410 have a interior liner. Fakes do not.
Real Taichi have a MCFIT tag by MCTechcorp.com. Fakes do not.
Real Taichi have the Taichi Italic font on tag. Fakes do not.
Real Taichi have a interior tag attachment. Fakes do not.
Real Taichi have full leather interior and liner protection ( fake has no leather on inside index finger ) No Protection.
Real Taichi are thicker padding (see thumb).
Real Taichi are heavier.
There are other things such as shapes and sizes of leather pieces that are not the same but hard to see on a photo.
Moreover, Real Taichi have the type and % of material used listed. Fakes have no such tag.

This is outrageous. See photos.
I expect a full refund and you should cease and desist selling such items. I will send all evidence to Taichi corporation and AliExpress.
Bottom line:
When it comes to buying protective gear, don't take a chance. Buy the "Real McCoy".


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