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So today was the day I took the raging bull out ( that's what it's sounds like snorting and puffing away )

All this in 17km

Yes the bike is hot for the grapes ( what will it be like this summer )

It's rough on takeoff and very torquey almost did my first burn out>:)

Shifting gears is silky smooth better than my 636

The handling is telepathic like being on rails.

Slow speed turns in 2nd the bike bucks a little as it doesn't like low revs.

It's soooo looouuddd , I think I need earplugs and this is with the stock cans.

Everyone in a 5 block radius knows your coming.

Yes many many looks and thumbs up, she's a hot redhead in sexy clothing.

Drove it in wet mode so I'll keep updating as I try the modes.

Much more wind protection than my 636

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Yeah, it hates anything below 3k for any period of time.

My neighborhood hates that I start it up before work at 5am lol. It's the loudest sport bike I've ever owned, stock exhaust or otherwise.
You get used to it though.
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