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Hi guys!

I have an akropovic slip-on for sale along with all the other parts and lower fairings required to transform a side-slung euro4 959 to underslung 959.

I used to live in Spain and the cops don't care over there - these things are crazy loud. However I now live in Germany and the police are asses over here so I've had to have the old exhaust system put back on. :frown2:

The parts are:

- Akro exhausts - tiny chip on the black cover tip but you can't see this when mounted on the bike
- Left and right lower side fairing (white) - basically brand new
- Y pipe thing, brackets, springs, all the screws needed

These parts came directly off my bike with the work done by the Ducati Munich dealership so any Q's you can even give them a call - they'll know the only white 959 they've done that job on in the last year probably. No upmap key needed as they can do this entirely in-store now so there's no USB stick to messing about with.

For sale here first before they go on eBay. I'm looking for ~1700 EUR with the fairings as one bundle, not separately (fairings are about 400 if you look on eBay).

I did think about putting the cans on and just accepting the eventual fine, switch em as required, then re-switch em again >:) But we're talking 400EUR each fine so it wouldn't be worth it! (PS obviously I'll clean them up a bit before sending).


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