Hey, friends. For sale: Alpinestars GP Tech gloves. Size Large. Original box included.

Background: Nothing wrong with the gloves at all. I could continue riding in them for years. I've simply had them for a long time and want to mix it up by trying the Knox Handroid.

About: Alpinestars top-of-the-line glove. Originally $300+, IIRC; now $420. Kevlar lined back, aramid stitching, vented fingers, pinky and ring finger joined to prevent "finger roll".
Condition: 8/10. Leather remains soft and supple. No issues making them unsafe or not ride worthy. No stitching coming undone. Never been tracked, street only. Never been fallen with. Just used safely on street rides for a number of years. No funky smells; clean and just washed. Some yellowing of plastic due to sun exposure. Underside of palm flaps are peeling--not easily visible and nothing that affects performance. Hairline in the plastic on one gauntlet cuff. See photos where I've highlighted the imperfections.
Other: I am OCD so in addition to keeping all my stuff in great condition, I keep the boxes to nearly everything--so you get the original box as shown.
Price: $140 shipped.
About me: I've been on the forums for years and have sold numerous items to friends here without issue. I've even bought a bike here. 100% trustworthy.

Ride safely!