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Howdy fellow Ducatistas I `m Aldo from El Granada Ca,. Life is good when you own a Panigale .
A big thank you to all the contributors to this site. Your input helped a lot in making mods to the machine. Just put on the dark smoke windscreen last nite .( long needle nose pliers and a buddy to help bend stuff, the parts are small don`t drop them.)
Posted a few pics , some of my first bike I bought in 1975 new , that lead me to the 959.

Would be a pleasure to meet and go for a ride with anyone making it out to the coast by Half Moon Bay. We have some fun and diverse riding around here , if it stops raining ,should soon .
Not sure how many members are into World Superbike ,I`m there hanging out near the cork screw usually . Would be fun to meet there also (Laguana Seca near the end ofJuly I believe) they have the Ducati Island you can park your Panigale there.

Clearing off for now Cheers Everyone


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