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Thailand-based engineer Mario Kleff is an awesome mad scientist! He dropped a Ducati 1198 Panigale R engine into a Honda Grom! It burnt to the ground due to a leaky fuel line, and now he's started again with a new Panigale and Grom. Another project bike of Kleff’s is a Grom powered by a turbocharged 1198 Duc! And you think the 959 is cool! HA! This thing, too strange to live, too weird to die, is beyond words! Here's a link to the website with all the details. Honda MSX 125 con motor de Ducati Panigale R: absoluta bestialidad Translation below.

MSX 125 Honda engined Ducati Panigale R: absolute beast

Posted 09/02/2016 in other news

By Alfonso Somoza
@sukosomoza | Google +

Mario Kleff is a Thailand based engineer owner of an architecture and construction company that, in his spare time, is dedicated to 'tinkering' with any vehicle entering in his workshop. Glancing at his profile on social networks, it did not take long to find some of his latest projects, for example of a Ducati 1198 motor he attached a turbo that soon will be mount on the chassis of a MSX Honda 125, a popular Japanese naked bike with 12 "rims very demand in Asian countries.

Here you can see his first start up:

While Kleff finishes this project, we want to talk to you about another project of his which has already seen the light of day. It's another Honda MSX that this engineer has mated with an engine from a Ducati Panigale R... no, we are not joking. Kleff has been able to put the two cylinder propelled Superquadro 1198 cc within the narrow steel chassis of the MSX, resulting in a small naked bike that barely exceeds 100 kilos of weight... with 205 horsepower!

Mario hasn't given too many details on the project, but seeing the pictures it is clear that both the sub-frame and swingarm had to be adapted to be able to insert the motor of the Panigale, much larger than the 125 cc, 9 HP motor that originally propelled the MSX.

The inverted forks with 100 mm rods remain from the original model, although Kleff has had to work on brake caliper anchors to mount the all-powerful Brembo monobloc M50-4 of the Panigale R. With so little space available, Kleff used all his ingenuity to locate certain components, for example the radiator under the tail or the exhaust manifold, modified with regard to the original engine in order to reduce its travel.

So it sounded like this at first start:

And in this video you can see her first exit to the road:

Unfortunately, we have bad news. After this first release, a friend and mechanic of Kleff wanted to ride around the shop with Kleff, but a leak in the fuel system made the bike stop. Kleff and his passenger escaped, but the bike was burning. 30 seconds later, it was reduced to ashes. However, this fatality has not stopped Mario, who already has commissioned another Panigale 1199R and a MSX 125 Honda to recover back the project. Certainly, time (and money) are not missing from this engineer.

We leave you with some photos of this 'Honda MSX Panigale R' before being consumed by the flames. Sincerely, I would have paid money to try it...

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thanks for the link and what a nice read... but it's sheer ridiculousness IMO - there's a million other things I would do with that engine before doing what He did with it!

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Pretty nuts! Not sure how they're even going to steer the thing, let alone get any performance out it. lol! Can't image that radiator being able to keep up either.
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