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Hello from Torrance, CA

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Hi, I got my 959 (white) last Wednesday from Del Amo Motorsports in Redondo Beach. I paid $17,500 OTD. I put 60 miles on it over the weekend, and I'm loving it. I ride along the Pacific Coast Hwy, near the Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach area. My other bike is 2014 BMW R Nine T. Looking forward to share good information with you all.
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Welcome realflight77! Congratulations on the purchase! You should post some pictures when you get a chance. That sounds like some beautiful places to ride. And I'm guessing the weather is good there now for riding. I'm north of you, so it will only be some days that will be good for riding the next couple months.
Welcome. I picked up my 959 from Del Amo too. I'm almost to 1000 miles. You'll love your new baby.
If you are ever in the north part of L.A. and want to ride hwy2 or go to the rock store let me know.
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Congrats on getting the 959 have you discovered any things you like about it/dislike about it throughout the miles added?
Great set of bikes. Now if you get a minibike like the Grom you'd be completely set (in my books). Would be cool to see some video of your rides down the beach. Do you have a GoPro and mount?
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