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Hi All

Hope someone can shed some light on what I've done wrong I was changing my clutch cover to the carbon one and one of the steps was to remove the clutch cylinder any way I put it back together, bleed it through and then tried all gears (without it started) to make sure it worked.
Everything seemed fine so I put it in Neutral and started it as usual I thought it was ok until i put it into first and it stalled out (on a couple of of start attempts the bike lunged forward like the clutch lever wasn't working). anyway after a couple of attempt I could go along the road about 200 metres then the bike would just die for no apparent reason. i tried to start it again and then I was finally able to ride it about 30 mins no issues at all. I then road it home about 30 mins again without issue. So I though it was simply a air bubble or something ( and am not knowledgeable) because it seemed to go away after time but then the next day when I started it bang same problems again??? and again after a couple of starts it seems to be gone again but now I have no confidence in it.

Help be be appreciated thanks
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