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Issue replacing front fender, be careful!

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Just a heads-up guys. I just replaced a bunch of my 959 pieces with Shift-Tech matte carbon (unbelievably good stuff and forum sponsors!), and ran into a little issue with the front fender.

The bolts on the right fork leg (when looking at the bike head-on) were very hard to break loose when I removed the stock fender. When I tried to install the carbon fender, the right side bolts would only thread halfway. I looked at the bolts and it appears they had the super-strong red loctite residue on them, explaining why they were so hard to remove. I guess I slightly damaged the threads in the holes on the lower fork base that the fender mounts to, with the loctite bonded to the threads. I had to use a chaser tool with some cutting oil to clean the holes, and a tool to clean up the threads on all the bolts. Everything went together fine after I did that. I'm not sure if there's anything I could have done differently, short of heating up the bolts initially before I removed them, which might have broken the red loctite down.

You might want to clean up your bolts really good and blow out the holes with compressed air before reinstalling them with your new fender, and I usually use blue loctite liberally, but in this case the bolts were quite tight and I didn't want to run the risk of them binding in case I ever have to remove them again.
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Good looking out. I wonder why they would use red loctite there. Hope your experience was a one-off.

Now, we need some serious pics of the carbon...
I'm removing my headlight fairing and the screw secured to the vibration damper had red loctite...
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