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Last of the Super V-Twins?

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Just a thought here. Its been floating around for a while that Ducati is looking to build a V4 for the street based on lessons learned from their GP project.

AFAIK building a V4 would also allow them to be more competitive in WSBK (not that they haven't been per se)

I mean realistically they're already at 1299 with the big bike, they can't go any bigger, the 959 is effectively a literbike (yet Ducati insists it is a middleweight) building a V4 would allow them to bring the big panner back to 1000c and maybe drop the middle weight to a more acceptable 750?

Ducati Rumored to Ditch the Superquadro Engine and Replace It with a MotoGP-Derived V4 - autoevolution
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