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Hi guys, I have been looking for a Panigale for some time, and hope to pull the trigger soon. On the mean time I am reading and learning from this site, so when the moment comes, I hope to have a good knowledge base of the good and bad.
My first bike was a motocross 125cc in 1977, rode it for a year. In 1980 I got a Honda CB300, also for a year. In 1989 I bought a CBR600F and rode it for 2 years. In 1991 I saw the 907 I.E. in red, and my eyes couldn't believe it, so I bought it. The only problem was the riding light would suck all the juice from the battery as the generator was too small, so I had to disconnect the light. I guess security at Ducati was an afterthought in those days. Later in 1992 I bought a BMW K1, a tank. Returned to Ducati in 1997 with the 916, still for me, the most beautiful bike ever. Sold all 3 in 1999 when I moved to sunny Florida. In 2001 I got a BMW R1150R till 2005. Being bikeless since. Family over hobby, I guess. Now I been looking to Aprilias, Bimmers and Ducatis, but finally decided for the 959. The irony now is that the small Duc, is now bigger than my old big 916.
Any way, hope I didn't bore you guys, and will let you know how the process goes.
Regards to all
The 959 is an amazing and beautiful bike. You won't regret it
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