I am converting my (white) 2016 959 to a race bike and will have a bunch of misc parts for sale / giveaway. Figured this is the place to list them. If you need something specific, PM me.

Currently off the bike (Taken off at 3k miles)
  • Both mirrors with all hardware
  • Rear Seat
  • Complete Rearsets with all hardware (both sides)
  • White stock fairings (no hardware, just fairings, whole bike)
  • Entire brake assembly including master cylinder and lever
  • Entire clutch assembly including master cylinder and lever
  • Ignition
  • hand controls (left and right)
  • Rear footpegs
  • Rear taillight
  • Headlight
  • NRC tail tidy with integrated blinkers (complete kit with hardware)
  • Stock exhaust (only mufflers back - I did not install a complete system, only slip on)
  • OE Grips
  • OE tires with 3k miles on them
  • Stock windscreen
  • Stock gas cap
  • OE Brake pads with 3k miles on them (front + rear)
  • Rear Brake light switch with connection and wire
  • 2 stock batteries, both purchased this year
More to come in the coming weeks. I will upload better pics but not going to put a ton of effort into highly detailed pictures / cataloging of parts as I don't really care about the money. Would rather see the parts go to those who need them for free than to make $50 here and there.

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