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Claudio Domenicali has just got off the stage, the new 959 Panigale is here!

As we knew, displacement has climbed to 955cc courtesy of mating the stroke and bore of 899 and 1299, pistons remain 100mm.

Max power has increased from 148 to 157 horsepower and torque is up 8%.

The new displacement and exhaust system are directly attributable to Euro 04 emission standards. Don't fret though, American and Australian consumers will still receive the gorgeous underslung exhaust of the 899.

The new exhaust system has added 7 kg to the 899's 169 kilos, we're not sure if American and Australian consumers will still see the same outgoing weight as the 899.

Onto the sweeties, they gave 959 all the goodstuff. It gets a new Ducati Quick Shifter to go along with Ducati Traction Control (8 levels), Engine Brake Control (3 levels) and three power modes. As thought the 959 also gets the Bosch 9 MP ABS system.

Suspension is fairly familiar, using a 43 mm Showa USD front forks (with steering damper) with Sachs shock in the back. Brembo MonoBlocks handle stopping duties, 320mm discs in the front and 245mm disc in the back.

For the first time they will offer the Panigale from launch in black. Don't worry there is also traditional red.


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you know Ducati could have saved themselves a ton of headache if they just routed the pipes under the tail like the old 848... but then that wouldn't be progress I guess ;)
I agree, that's a setup I would have preferred much more than what we're getting here. If they were to poll a bunch of potential owners i bet that's also the sort of response they'd be likely to get

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