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So in New York, many of the roads are either boring with good pavement, or fun with crap pavement because of the harsh winters.

I just jutted over to the Trace from Florence, AL and knocked out about 110 miles round trip. Not track technical which would have been fun but beautiful scenery, long sweeping turns and some fun elevation change. Saw less than 15 cars and not a single cop. Probably averaged 90 with a brief top speed run just to see what my front sprocket lost me. Was still able to touch the high notes.

Once could easily average 110+ with zero traffic. The roads were very clean and uniform. I was wholly impressed with the experience and recommend it to anyone in the ao.

I'd originally intended to hit Deal's Gap but I'm here for work and didn't have the time. Again.

No pics or video because I forgot my camera mount but I'm sure there is plenty of media online and I promise you won't be disappointed.

I've been dialing in my suspension and this was great confirmation. I'll post my settings in @dougo1199 's thread when I have time. May have to adjust my rake a touch or my preload balance still and an adjustable steering damper is now on my winter to do list.

Anyway, enjoy the holiday weekend and safe riding everyone!
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