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New Bar Ends

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I picked up new red anodized bar ends for the wife's bike today. They are drastically lighter than the factory units. As such Im looking at other products like Bar Buzz Kill and Bar Snake. Any of the members have experience with anything that works with the lighter bar ends?

Ill snap a pic in a bit.
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Nice ends.

I'm going to start off with replacing the grips with Pro Grip 717 GP's - You might wanna go grab a pair and see how they feel before doing the snake-oil bit ;)
I have her looking at other grips already just from a comfort perspective. I think thats a good idea.
Don't you usually want heavier or weighted bar ends to reduce the vibration in the grips while riding?
Bar End Weight

Yes, that is their intended purposes. I didnt realize how much lighter they were going to be over the factory ones. The products mentioned in the OP are also designed to dampen vibration in lieu of using something heavy. You can also use thicker softer grips to offset the effects (numb hands). Ive never used any other dampening method, hence the inquiry.
Going to go out for a ride today for the first time since I installed these. Ill report back what she thinks of them vibration wise.
Happy to report on a 30 minute ride no discernable difference. Still going to look for a gel grip that she likes.
I've actually had pretty good luck with these grips as far as vibrations go:

Spider Grips:

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Thanks Sarvic. Ill give them a try.
I spent half my day today :crying: traveling to Capri Tools to pick up a 12mm Triple Square 1/2"Socket :| - to find out that it doesn't actually fit the bar end, it's too small :surprise:, so while I was there I tried the 14mm and it seemed it might work :wink2: so I took it. Got home and put it on my 1/2" breaker bar and it doesn't work :eek: :mad: - just a mm or 2 too small. The 1/2" breaker bar without a socket is too big and a 3/8" ratchet drive is too small. WTF! :confused:

What is the correct size Triple Square for the bar end on our 959?

I didnt have the right size in my set, so I wrapped them in non slip liner and took the factory ends off with channel locks.
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15mm XZN (Triple Square)

I didnt have the right size in my set, so I wrapped them in non slip liner and took the factory ends off with channel locks.
I may have to do just that!
I just confirmed the size is an all elusive, extremely rare, 15mm Triple Square (XZN)
If you have a strap wrench that should work too.
No strap wrench... and scuffed up the throttle side with the channel locks without the bar end budging a bit. Now I'm on a hunt for new ones and hope they arrive by Saturday - c'mon Amazon Prime!
Well that sucks. Mine broke free without too much trouble. I had mine wrapped so I wouldnt scuff em up.
Got the new grips on today. Unfortunately the vibration is still sufficiet that Im going to swap the bar ends back on. The good news is that I still have em! Ill go get the right tool to torque them back on to spec.

Thanks Sarvic for the link to the grips.
Ill post the anodized bar ends in the equipment form for resale. Pretty much spotless but dont match the new grips at all!
Dingo is right about about the 15mm Triple Square (XZN) being the correct tool. They are readily available at your Audi tool supplier or on Ebay. Often you can pick them up on Amazon. Not sure what the status is now. A 16mm will work in a pinch.
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