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Hi all,

Got a screamer of a deal on a bike gently laid down at a track. Damaged plastic and 500 in parts was the cost.

I'm gonna bring her to full glory. The engine is strong and fresh and I'll be lurking on here and asking some questions about aftermarket parts etc...



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Located in Bahrain of all places.

It's a white 959. It's not really got any mods at the moment. I replaced the slicks w some rossa iii's and now i've just ordered the throttle spacer.

It's about to be summer so that pretty much kills the riding as it's upwards of 120* on a regular basis for months.

In that time i'm gonna fix and repaint my plastic, address the seat, tail, mirrors, levers and rear set.

I'm looking to kind of do this on the less expensive side for now. I plan on keeping this bike for the long haul and shipping it home as a track bike.

The situation was such that to replace the plastic after the slide for life at the track really necessitated purchasing the beast and while I wouldn't have just bought the bike i'm very happy to have it. It's a major upgrade to my KTM 390 duke. LOL

I loved that little duke with it's complete race suspension upgrade it was the most nimble thing on the planet. Perfect for the city commute over here in bumper to bumper traffic all day long.

This is a quantum leap and i'm riding it in wet mode till further notice. This is a small island so you can't really air it out anyway.

I'll probably track it a few times next year as well. they have a world class circuit here and it gets very little action compared to what you would see in the usa. I love the place; just got burned last time out as the humidity rolled in and i didn't notice it in the middle of our session and low sided in a big uphill sweeper...the last turn i'd ever worry about.

i'll upload some pics when i can but, i'm having issues now for some reason

Glad to be on board

The forum is already paying off for me!


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