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Hi guys,

Thought I'd better come and register on here now that I'm finally one of you. Bought a 2016 959 in November but I've hardly ridden it due to poor weather here in the UK, can't wait for the summer!

I've been looking into upgrades whilst I wait and so far have made a few small mods, I'd love to know what you guys have done to get the most out of yours..

Here's my list.

CRG bar end mirrors (stock mirrors just showed me my shoulders)
Integrated turn signals (still need to turn left and right)
Smoke tinted screen (I just think it looks good)
A battery tender (the tracker just eats the battery)
1299 exhaust with flapper switch (no errors on the dash and I like the look of the underbelly exhaust)

I'm considering getting rid of the rear number plate holder and turn signal cluster and buying those ones that are built into the brake light just to give it that really clean look.. what do you guys think?

Is there anything else you've done to your bike which you recommend?

Thanks guys, I'm really happy with my new toy and excited to be a part of the community.

Ride safe.

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Welcome to the forum. Lots of fun guys here.
When it comes to bling, "sky's the limit". Performance mods are also limitless however, there's a general consensus that throttle spacers and lower gearing such as -1F are a cheap starting point. Opinions vary on both but this forum has plenty of info at your disposal and only a search bar away.

Here's a compilation of "Functional" items to consider which you may or may-not already have following the purchase of your 959 Panigale:

  • A quality set of front and rear stand
  • A set of spools
  • A "steel" socket tool: 36mm 12 point & 30mm 6 point
  • Have tools including: a torque wrench, long hex key set, breaker bar, hook spanner wrench
  • Chain cleaner & lube, paint cleaner
  • A quality air pressure gauge
  • A tire pump or inflator
  • A roadside assistance kit (tire plugs & CO2 cartridges)
  • A battery tender
  • A SAE battery cable (if your dealer didn't install one)
  • A lower radiator guard
  • A DP race or comfort seat
  • Frame & axle sliders
  • A steering stop protector
  • Leather pants among other riding apparel

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What windscreen did you get?

As far as the rear fender eliminator goes, the thread that Pard posted has pretty much all of the options out there. I ended up going for the NRC kit and really like it. Really easy install.
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