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I have searched all the threads, and am seeking additional advice. I sent my ECU in for a flash, at which point I removed my BBS also. Upon re-assembly of all the components, when I turned the ignition on, I noticed the fan come on, and when I push the start button, nothing happens at all. When I scroll through the screens when the ENG screen comes up, ERR is displayed.

I contacted the company which did the flash, and received the following:

It would appear you have lost comms with your CAN system most likely from the BBS removal. The components will have to be re-linked if you will. This is also normal if power was not removed prior to BBS removal. It's not a big deal but you will need a dealer visit to reset the system and clear the several error codes that will be present.

I write in an attempt to see if others have experienced this and how it was solved other than taking it to the dealer, as it is an 8 hour drive to haul my Panigale to the nearest dealer. I am going to call when they open, but am desperately hopeful there are other options available.....

Thanks for the input!
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