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Hi all. I posted a blurb about getting your bike coated in the "What Did You Do To Your Ducati 959 Panigale Today?" section, but I wanted to give a little more info here. If you want the opinion of the "best of the best", the guy who details multi-million dollar cars, race cars, and high-end motorcycles you really should listen to Larry Kosilla of AMMONYC. He is so knowledgeable it's ridiculous. Here's his web site Home | AMMO NYC. He also does podcasts, AMMO NYC Podcast | cleaning, cars, ammo, automotive, larry kosilla, car, restore , and is on Reditt. I'm going to talk to him today about what, if anything he thinks I should do to my 959. If nothing else, look through his videos on his site and on YouTube to see how you should be caring for your bike - coating or not.
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