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I've had Ventureshield applied.
Yes you can see it if you are closer than 1 metre (3 feet).

The nose/screen, tank, and rear have had the template provided by 3m applied. When close, you can see the edges of the film.
The front, tank and rear template comes in multiple parts, and you can also see the edges.
I opted for a full wrap (as opposed to template on leading edges only) for the side and bottom fairings. You can see where the film has been stretched to follow the tighter curves where the holes/vents are in the bottom fairing particularly.
There are some flaws in the film that are also visible.
The front fender has a matte section of film applied to the leading edge. I'm not sure if you could ask for matte film to be used for the whole template, thereby eliminating the gloss on matte white issue.

I'm not sure if I would have it done again.....I'll see how it goes in time, but here in Western Australia, many of the country roads have bauxite pebbles that flick up and chip everything, so I chose to see film instead of stone chips.

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