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I did a lot of research on this based on my needs and I opted for Scotchguard Pro clear wrap. My main consideration was protection of minor chips from rocks and debris, second for prevention of scratches and overall paint protection, and thirdly the cost. Opti-coat and cquartz are excellent additional protection to maintain the finish of your paint, but it will not protect your bike from any chips or scratches. I also considered getting opti-coat together with some clear wrap but found that I didn't need to do both, not to mention it is a waste of $$$. I already made the decision that I wanted clear wrap as oppose to a color wrap. I also considered plasti-dip but I wanted to keep the original Ducati Red paint scheme.

With a little help from google, youtube and searching this forum, I narrowed it down to these two:

1299 Panigale Total Protection Kit - The Tankslapper

2012 DUCATI 1199 PANIGALE (S MODEL) Full Clear Bra Kit | ClearDefender

After that, I needed to find out which clear wrap would give me the best bang for the buck. I heard and read a lot of good reviews for the Avery Nano Fusion and Xpel until I came across this


I then went about searching for a local retailer and installer. One shop quoted me $2000 for a full clear wrap and another quoted me $800 just for the install and claimed it will take a full day to complete. At which point, I considered installing it myself. I mean how hard could it be right? I even read someone in this forum did it himself. He did it in sections and over a few days.

and then I found this on the The Tankslapper website.....

"If the practice piece leaves you feeling like the task is beyond your skill level, don’t go on to the kit pieces before you seek help or decide to return it, because we can’t take the kit back simply because you failed to get satisfactory results. Once you remove the film from the release paper, we can’t resell it, and subsequently can’t offer a refund. Drop by our shop for an installation if possible, or seek professional installers in you area. Even though we design our patterns not to be too ambitious in its coverage, taking into a account that a do-it-yourselfer is going to attempt the installation on their own, we can’t guarantee that anyone can install it, because skill levels vary. If you don’t trust your skill level and think you might have trouble, then we recommend you consider the “Tankslapper” film, its fool prove. But at the same time does an equally good job of protecting your paint."

Long story short, I contacted their shop and ask where it is and how much for installation. Lucas at The Tankslapper is a stand up guy and gave me the deal of the century. Let me just say that the final bill for the full kit was less than $300 installed!!!!


1) You can install any tank traction pads such as Stompgrip or Techspec right on top of the film. As a matter of fact he recommends this since it will give you an extra layer of protection from the adhesives of the pads. The film will not move once it cures and takes the shape of the protected part.
2) He's been doing this since 1999. It only took him 3.5 hours not the whole day
3) He has clear wrap protection for matte finishes, such as carbon fiber parts, but it won't be the scotchguard pro material.
4) Scotchguard pro has a 7 year warranty from fading or cracking. Xpel has a 10 yr warranty
5) You will not be able to tell from 1 feet away if you have the wrap or not.
6) I am super duper satisfied with the material and his service
7) @Nhesto - he is located in the Escondido, CA area

My Techspec pads are on it's way, so I will post some pictures once I have those installed, but here are some in the meantime. It took me sometime to gather all these information so my hope is that some of you will find it helpful in your decisions.

Keep in mind this video was posted in 2014 on youtube.... I spoke with Lucas at Tank Slapper and he advised that the Xpel is now like on its 4th Version of improvement....Xpel Ultimate is the one I ordered and should be here soon. So keep in mind that in 2 years a lot of improvements and could have better results. Just wanted to make sure that it was pointed out that the comparison shown here is 2yrs old.
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