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Passenger Seat Problems

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I've ridden my new 959 twice so far, once on 1/31/15 and once today. Before each ride, I've disconnected the Ducati charger from charging port under the rear seat, put the plug on port, put the little door over the port, and put the seat on. Each time I put the seat on, I've grabbed the seat and pulled on it to make sure it's firmly snapped in. The first time, it was just a general tug on it, but today, I really cranked on it to make sure it was latched. My first ride back in January was about 50 miles, and today's ride was about 75 miles. Each time, when I got back and got off the bike, the rear seat was GONE! WTF?! The first time, I retraced my route and found the seat, undamaged, but the tool kit was trashed. Today, just to be safe and thinking maybe the tool kit was causing the problem, I left the tool kit home. Same result: no seat. Is anyone else out there having this problem? I kinda want the seat cowl/cover anyway, but this problem needs to get taken care of before I throw away any more money.
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So is it locked on when you ride away for sure? If it is then you must be doing something to have it come undone while you are riding.
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