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Hey guys,

So I have a 959, use it for mainly track. I had a problem that came out of nowhere and cannot fix it.

The bike went to the dealership, where they couldn't find what it is. No codes thrown, and no obvious things to pick on.
The bike runs well until you apply from 90% to 100% Throttle twist. It does it in all 3 riding modes.

R6's pass me on the straight without an issue.

Dealership opened the engine, confirming no shavings, no engine issues, no fuel pump issue, no oil pressure issue. So here we are..

Take a loot at the footage and please let me know if anyone has seen this. The first shot of the video is of how the bike is supposed to sound and rev, the following shots is how it behaves.

1. On full gas it might output 80hp
2. On full throttle twist it completely bogs down
3. All the shots you see on the vid are from 3rd to 4th and it takes forever to climb.
4. The bike starts and runs idle with no issues.
5. No overheating
6. Riding on the street is not a problem (only on full throttle)

Thank you in advance!
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