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Here's a compilation of "Functional" items to consider which you may or may-not already have following the purchase of your new 959 Panigale:

  • A quality set of front and rear stand
  • A set of spools
  • A "steel" socket tool: 36mm 12 point & 30mm 6 point
  • Have tools including: a torque wrench, long hex key set, breaker bar, hook spanner wrench
  • Chain cleaner & lube, paint cleaner
  • A quality air pressure gauge
  • A tire pump or inflator
  • A roadside assistance kit (tire plugs & CO2 cartridges)
  • A battery tender
  • A SAE battery cable (if your dealer didn't install one)
  • Throttle spacers
  • A lower radiator guard
  • A DP race or comfort seat
  • Frame & axle sliders
  • A steering stop protector
  • Leather pants among other riding apparel

I deliberately have not included bling as the Sky's-The-Limit". However, if you feel something functional was omitted, please add it to this list.
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Personally, I still question the throttle spacers... especially if it is intended as a track bike. If anything a new owner should ride the bike for several miles, perhaps even until the first service, to become accustomed to the low end torque delivery and evaluate for themselves if they are better off without the play in the throttle..

Additionally, I would recommend at least considering a LiIon battery to replace the stock Yuasa. Lot's of folks still have the original battery that was delivered with the bike. However, I had trouble with mine going bad quite soon, as others have, and found that the lighter weight, increased CCA, and nearly eliminating the need for attaching to a battery tender is well worth the expense.

And get rid of the charcoal canister!


Tank grips.
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