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Hi All

I know a few of you have ordered the PROTI screws to replace the standard one that come with the bike. Can I ask some one who has already ordered them to just check if I'm ordering the correct part numbers below. I tried to follow the positions in the spare parts manual but I still found it hard to visualise :)

This is what I think I need - is this correct?
1 * M4L11-P01--M4L11-P01-T--959 Panigale_ Windshield_P124 (POS 4)_8pcs/Set qty 1
1 * M5L12-ABF01-T M5L13-P01-T M5L16-P05-T M5L12-ABF01 M5L13-P01 M5L16-P05----959 Panigale_ Main Fairing_P140 (POS 1 & 10 & 8)_20+4+1pcs/Set,20,4,1

I ordered the following (they just arrived):
The 2nd one that you have (on the website called "Fairing A")
959 Panigale_ Set & Rear frame cover_P120 (POS 13 & 22 & 2)_2+2+1pcs/Set (on the website this is called "Fairing B")

I did not order the windshield ones. Were the "Fairing A" ones enough to do the left and right side upper and lower fairings? I originally thought "Fairing A" and "Fairing B" were both required. But now it looks like "Fairing B" must be for the rear of the bike?
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